Review of Secrets of Millionaire Investor Book by Adam Khoo & Conrad Alvin Lim


Before this book, I had no idea about what were the true techniques to invest in the stock market. When I saw this book on the shelve of bookshops, I immediately turn its pages to check it’s content and was pleasantly surprised at the level of detail and coverage of investing in the stock market. Impressed with what I read, I bought it without hesitation.

After reading this book and applying some of the lessons taught, I can say that I am a better investor in the stock market now. Before, I was only a rookie. I will explain to you why.

This book teaches both the fundamental aspects of selecting stocks which Adam will show you. The technical aspects to trading is illustrated by Conrad who traded his way out of bankruptcy using very good strategies. He easily makes US$5000-US$7000 a month trading stocks and options. That can replace anybody’s salary anytime, won’t you agree? His record is US$22k++ in a single month.

One of the important concepts mentioned early in the book is to invest in the stock market and use the power of compounding. You can be an automatic millionaire by the time you retire using this technique. All you need is patience and some consistency in investing. This was how Warren Buffet became the richest man by investing in the US market and let his investment returns compound.

The rest of the book explains four strategies to grow your funds in the stock market depending on which level of an investor you are currently at with the returns and time horizon you are looking at.

The first growth strategy is the most basic level for novice investors which teaches you to achieve compounded returns of 10%-12.08% annually by buying the market or buying sectors or industries that are outperforming.

The second growth strategy shows you about value investing which can achieve you an annual return of 15%-25%. This method requires you to buy great companies at huge discount and sell them for a huge profit. Warren Buffet uses value investing to pick his stocks. You will learn the nine criteria of value investing to pick stocks that investors like Warren Buffet or George Soros would.

The third growth strategy explains to you about momentum investing which you can achieve a higher return of more than 25% at a shorter time like 3 to 6 months. This involves picking stocks that are about to increase in price significantly due to market optimism. Adam shows you seven steps to screen for this kind of stocks.

The last growth strategy is the most advanced of all, which allows you to net a handsome 100%-500% returns in one day to 3 months. This strategy involves the buying and selling of stock options which is trading. Trading allows you to make money in any direction, be it up, down or sideways. The authors have dedicated 2 chapters to explain the fundamentals of options and clearly illustrated with examples on a few commonly used strategies for reader.

I enjoyed this book very much as it was clearly written and provided a practical approach to investing and trading. This book has given me a good foundation as a beginner to prepare me for more advance strategies and implementation. I strongly recommend this book to anyone who wants to start investing or trade in any stock market and does not know how to start.


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Tips for Software Sales

In order for people to do more with technology, it all comes down to the software available. You should be able to make more sales when you know exactly what to do in order to move further ahead in your career in software sale. Ensure you are fully aware of the processes involved so that you do not ruin your opportunity before you even start. With a clear focus and communication processes, it should not be difficult for you to get where you want to go. A business needs character and with focus and effective communication you will not have problems growing this not to mention it will be the basis upon which the sales team functions on and it will hasten business development. You should find a system of determining a fair price for the software you are trying to sell. Developing a software does not guarantee riches which is why the right price should be determined to make sure the buyer and the seller are not conned.

There are so many software developers in the world which means there will always be some piece of software similar to what you are selling which is why you should know the value of what you have at hand in order to sell it better. This all comes down to the ripples the software will create in the market. When the item is great, you will notice how it serves the functionalities the consumer most desired but if it is just another average software, you will have more of those in a short while. The software should be unique from what the competitors have in order to hold its grounds. Most people who will be asking for the software will have a technical point of view which includes implications on performance of their staff, if they will have to cut or increase workers, if the technology is stable as well as its ease of integration and this is why people like Mark Sellecchia are legends in this sector. For the business buyers, make sure you tell them about the numbers.

Everything has a target audience which is why you make sure you know the people to approach for the possibility of getting a fast and great deal. You should break down the target clients in the lines of the firm size, the type of industry, the frequented conferences, meetups and networking events and even associated technology aspects like blogs and even podcasts. Get down to developing an actual profil of who your target population is and from there moving ahead should be easy. You need to recruit a team to help you instead of slacking.

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Learn What You Stand To Gain When You Hire a Trusted Fire Security Company

When you go to many homes, you are bound to find that most have installed at least one battery powered smoke detectors. Some of the pointers you should put in mind is that with the fire detectors, they are known to reduce the fire related deaths. However, though they might come in handy, some of the things that you should note is that you need to get a fire monitoring companies Fort Worth to aid you in the fire. When you do this, then you will have given your family a more comprehensive fire protection.

When you are doing this, some of the pointers that you should understand is that houses build in this time burn faster as compared to the past. The reason being the type of material that is used to build the home. When you do this, some of the things that you should put in mind are that there is a great risk of people getting burned.

One of the pointers that you should put I mind is that the fire monitoring system Fort Worth will come in handy in making certain that you end up getting nothing but the best. When you do this, some of the things that you should understand is that you will have a team coming to your home in case of fire. When you do this, some of the things that you should note are that they will come in handy in assisting you to put out the fire.

The important thing is that you should deal with a commercial fire systems Ft Worth, that has been licensed by the state. That means that they have met with the minimum qualification that has been set by the state. If this is the case, then you should note they will be able to deliver.

When you are doing this, some of the pointers you should note is that you need to understand the strategy fire monitoring service Ft Worth use. This is one of the things that will come in handy when you are searching for the plan that they use. When you do this,some of the pointers that you should note is that you will get the best. The reputation of the fire alarm monitoring Ft Worth is another thing that can come in handy. This is imperative as it will aid you when you are making the selection.

When you are doing this, some of the things that you should understand is that you should deal with a business that is known to produce results. The thing is that you should get a business that has been doing this for a while. This is the only way that you can be truly certain your house has all the protection it needs when it comes to fire.

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Advantages of a Website Branding Company

There are many advantages of having a website branding company. At the end of the day, there will be many merits of a website for large business owners. At the end of the day, there will be a need for website. At the end of the day, one will have more customers and clients. They will be able to find the information in the website. People will have knowledge about ones business. People would have an interest to work with a person who has a website. At the end of the day, customers will have an easy time in buying. Any information of interest can be put in the website without any restrictions. Language barrier usually be a less factor to worry about.At the end of the day,language will not be a barrier. It becomes easy to buy and manage a website.

Website branding company has the following merits. Business website provides more information about the business. For people to buy, will search information about the product and this helps in keeping in touch. At the end of the day, one will be able to put any information in the website. People usually stand a good chance of knowing more about your information. One will be in a position to control his own website. One will have a good time to know what to put in the website. In addition, one will be able to get more clients with the shortest time possible.

At the end of the day, one will have less competitors. There is no limit for using one’s website, one can use it anytime. One will be able to know the things people are posting and know their interests. At the end of the day, employees will benefit a lot. One can make some displays about his goods and services. This way customers will stick in your products. The following are the merits of website branding company.

Website branding company, helps one in advertising the products. Customers before buying will be interested in knowing more about the product. Website will help a lot in giving information to the prospective customers about the business. At the end of the day, Products and services will be provided to the customers. At the end of the day, interesting information will be available in the website. This usually help a lot in taking business to the next level, since they will remain the business.

Website brand helps in managing the business. At the end of the day, there will be good work done between the employer and the employees. At the end of the day, information will be accessed. This helps in making work easy. At the end of the day, less time will be used. At the end of the day, managing website brand becomes easy. People usually have a good time in purchasing a website brand. Knowing things which are in the internet becomes easy.

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IT Services and Its Benefits to Businesses Today

Here are some of the benefits that your company can enjoy if you hire IT Services for your IT needs.

Your business will be able to run smoothly if you outsource our IT services to experts. It is not possible for our IT system to be perfect, and because of this we experience troubles with our IT systems in the workplace. With an outsources IT service, you can be sure that any system glitch will be resolved by the professionals. When IT services have resolved glitches in your IT systems , then you employees can they continue performing their jobs more effectively. When employees are effective and productive, the profitability of the business is expanded and improved which positively affects everyone in the long run.

Proper IT services will help employees get their work completed faster. Services are implemented by businesses and companies so that their employees are enable to do their tasks more efficiently. Certain processes can be sped up which enable employees to be able to complete more work each day. With IT services, employees are enabled to be more agile and get more work done in a shorter period of time.

It services can help secure the sensitive materials of your company. Every company have their sensitive files which they need to constantly secure. There is limited access to this secure information for only the people with security clearance. With IT services you will never experience security breach or meltdown. If there is a problem, your IT services can correct the problem at once. It is good if the IT service can resolve the problem immediately.

You can add more IT systems into your business structures with the help of IT service providers. If any type of technology can enhance your business structure, IT services can work together with management to implement new programs and come up with doable plans of action. IT service providers can help introduct new technologies and services that will help employees be more efficient in their jobs.

If your business hires a reliable iT service provider, then these are some of the benefits that they can enjoy. Every business today has technology at the forefront of their business and these technologies should be taught to employees to help them understand and apply them for the good of the company. With IT service, you can be sure that your employees can get a good handle on the technology they are required to use for their jobs.

All the benefits of hiring the services of a good IT services provider if you find a truly reliable one.
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Factors that You Should Consider Before Buying Compound Bows

Making assumptions is always not right and purchase compound bows is challenging just like purchasing other items since there are certain things to be considered. With this, you will need to be well conversant with some of the things for you to buy the best compound bow. In the article below we are going to look at some of the factors that need to be considered while buying compound bows and their explanations.

For you to choose the right compound bow is to consider the pricing. One thing that most of the people still depend on to review the compound bows is pricing and they always think that expensive ones are always the best. Apart from that, some of the people ever reason out that cheap compound bows are of poor quality. Using too much money in buying compound is not the right way to go, and you should make sure that you by a compound arrow that falls within your budget. One good thing is that they always come at different rates and with this even the people who are earning very little will be able to get the compound bows. We have two things that people always believe and thus quality and value, and everybody will get what they deserve.

Comparison chart is another thing to go by. Comparison chart is crucial since it contains compound bows of different types and all the features highlighted. As a result, you will have the physical time in choosing compound bows by comparing their features. Also, you will be in a place to know the best one out of them all by looking at the reviews in each of them.

Apart from that, you should also consider the studies. Reviews are always comments that are moved by some of the people that have used these bows or bought them previously. Having used this bows for an extended period they will share with you some of the benefits and disadvantages of that particular compound bow. The best compound bow should always be the one with many positive reviews. This is important since it is an indication that the viewers are satisfied and comfortable with the bow. Many negative reviews will show you that it has many disadvantages than the merits. You should also be careful with this reviews since some administrators can manipulate them and thus why you should compare them across many platforms.

Besides, you should check whether you are left or right handed. Meaning you should consider whether you will be comfortable with a left or right handed compound bow. In this case, you will have to be assessed by an expert who will suggest the right bow for you. Most of the people who are left-handed prefer right-handed bows, but at some point, you will have to use the assessment results.

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Tips to Help You Get the Right Pos System for Your Small Business.

For you to enjoy the right services of the POS experts, there is the need to ensure that you are working with the right company. You find that there are so many companies in the modern world that are offering the services in the right manner. It is the high time that you focus on these points that will help you get the right POS system for your business in the right manner. Long time ago the system was mostly used in dispensing cash and making critical payments, but nowadays it has so many uses, investigate here.

Be sure to get a facility that will help you to account for your sales in the right manner especially if you are operating a business online. You will be able to track your sales from various customers, and this will help your business to work in the right manner. Be sure to have a budget that will even cater for the maintenance services required for the operation of the business.

It is your responsibility to make sure that you have considered the cash that you will need to spend for the facilities of having the OPS at your business place. If you think you are going to be asked of the same cash by the installers, well, you are very wrong because it is going to be such an expense which will cause them to offer their services differently. You do not expect that you will settle with a selfish provider who is here just to take advantage of you since that means you will not enjoy the services. If you select a cheap provider, you need to be prepared to get the wrong cheap services which will not serve you right.

Be aware that some professional installers will not guarantee you perfection and all they care about is money and extra services. The fact that the devices need professional installation, you do not need to think about doing it on your own. It does not have to be that you will be needed to spend so much money because there are different choices. If you can afford to buy a new device, then you can go for it as you please. If you do not have too much on a store for spending, then leasing would sound like the kind of deal you need. You should not feel that there is going to be any different with what you choose whether used or new.

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Why You Need A GDPR Compliance Solution

In the European Union, all businesses must comply with emerging laws associated with their IT systems and how they store personal data. The regulation requires new implementations that lower the odds of identity theft and access to the information. IT vendors can provide solutions for all businesses that aren’t compliant with the new standards.

When Does the Regulation Start?

The General Data Protection Regulation issued in the European Union will be enforced as of May 2018. The regulation requires all businesses to seek solutions to hide personally identifiable information in all of their systems. The focus of the regulation isn’t databases only. The information is also found in business domain-based email services, enterprise content management systems, and file sharing services. However, the regulation applies to onsite and cloud-based database systems as well.

What is the Overall Goal of the Regulation?

The primary objective of the federal regulation is to protect all personal data that is shared and/or transmitted online. It introduces methods for preventing data breaches that could lead to any unauthorized or unlawful use of the information. The right solutions are outlined in the regulation and predict behaviors that could lead to stolen information from businesses and their clients.

Who is Required to Follow the Regulation?

Any businesses that are operating in the European Union must be compliant with the regulation. Companies that transfer or process personal customer data must follow all requirements highlighted in the federal regulation. Any company that fails to follow the regulation could face hefty fines. The standard fine for violations is around 4% of the company’s annual revenue.

Who Maintains Compliance for Each Company?

Under the regulation, each company must hire a data protection officer to track how the personal data is used, processed, and transferred. The officer must perform internal recordkeeping for the data and report it according to the stipulations in the laws.

In the European Union, a new law has passed that holds all companies accountable for any unethical use of personal data. The laws require the companies to implement stringent practices that stop identity theft. Companies that need to acquire a GDPR compliance solution should contact a consultant right now.

Your Advantages To NFL Picks Against Point Spread


One of the most favored sports in the United States is that of professional football. The National Football League or the NFL plays from the first Thursday after Labor Day and extends for seventeen straight weeks. Americans are known to love this sport so much that they play the sport among family and friends. The most concrete way that they are able to show pride and support for their favorite teams is through following the scheduled games up until the Super Bowl.

However, the best way that people from all walks of life make these games more interesting is through wagers. Sports betting as been around for a very long time; watching the games and having the opportunity to profit dome extra cash is never a bad idea. These days, sports betting or NFL betting are among the most popularly done through online picks. Various service providers offer the advantage of presenting a system that will be able to generate predictions. These systems are meant to help increase your odds in selecting the games and the picks that you would like to place your wager.

The key to gaining the most advantage is to be smart in selecting the best system that you will trust. The may not always be a simple task to do. Some of the more serious sports gamblers would often rely on point spreads. In a manner of speaking, these spreads are often a more complex or a riskier betting move. There are a number of spreads that are presented by bookies where an individual would be able to choose the one that they feel most lucky in playing. While this is a game of the odds – there is not much difference from any other sports betting game. It uses a complex system to generate the figures presented to the gambler. Adversely, there is always a huge possibility of instant losses and winning would be treated as sheer luck.

On a different note, the use of NFL picks against point spread can present you with a good advantage. Of course, at the end of the day, it will still be all up to you. Your choices will still be the determining factor for your wagers and the kind of betting option you will play. The bottom line is still the fact that finding a system is an important move to take. While some see it to be no more that a waste of money, these picks systems have the ability to provide you with accurate predictions with the help of expert handicappers. These handicappers know every aspect of the National Football League. They have drawn their conclusion based on the performances and other key factors. In turn, you will be the one that will benefit the most.

When you are able to find yourself a great system that will work to your advantage, combine this with an experienced handicapper – just like magic, watch it unfold before your very eyes and you will be certain that you will always make smart decisions in sports betting.


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Tips for Finding the Right Erotic Photographer.

Just like is the case with looking for a doctor, lawyer or a contractor, there are several things you need to consider when looking for the right erotic photographer to serve your purpose. Due to how they’re several on the current market, you may not know the right one for the objective. Therefore it is prudent that you consider the factors mentioned below so that you make the right choice.

You ought to begin by researching especially if it’s your first time searching for an erotic photographer. The net will always be your very best friend when it comes to giving you the information you need. By reading customer testimonials, you will have the ability to ascertain whether your potential photographer is the most suitable one for you or you want to keep on doing your homework. As an alternative, you could ask your family or friends who’ve once hired such a photographer so that you get as many contacts of photographers as possible.

As soon as you’ve a lengthy list of customs, another step must be narrowing down the list so you merely remain with just two to three photographers that you could interview. It is faster and cheaper to interview a manageable number of potential candidates than interviewing all photographers you have on your research list. During the interview, you should ask all the questions that you have in mind so that just the professional candidate gets the job.

You need to ask your prospective photographer to give you a list of clients he or she has worked for in the past. Asking for references has a range of benefits. The greatest one is that you may have the ability to hear from people who have once hired the photographer you intend to employ and get unbiased information about them. If the previous clients have nothing but positive feedback, you need to look no further and get to work. However, if that is not the case, you should continue doing your homework.

If you’d like to not just get quality services but also get the value for the money, it’s wise that you hire an expert photographer. The degree of experience of this photographer will establish the type of services that you will receive. An extremely experienced photographer will have the correct quantity of knowledge and skills to deliver your needs and want professionally.

You also need to consider asking your potential photographer to provide you his or her portfolio so that you see the type of work they do. By seeing images of previous clients, you will be able to determine whether they are the right professional for your purpose or not. Respectable photographers will definitely in your center with the kind of images you will see in the portfolio.

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