3 Reasons to Install a Pond Pump

House hunters who enjoy lots of outdoor space often buy properties with ponds. However, many do not realize that pond water needs care to remain healthy. Without maintenance water begins to produce an unpleasant odor and may develop heavy algae growth. Fish and plant life often begin to die. Fortunately, residential pond pumps can solve these problems by oxygenating water, preventing stratification, and simplifying maintenance.

Pumps Add Oxygen to Water

A pond needs a plentiful supply of oxygen to stay healthy. When new oxygen is not constantly introduced into water, sediment forms on the bottom of the pond and produces noxious gases as it decomposes. Fish fail to thrive and, in some cases, may die off in large numbers. Plant life does not thrive, but algae grow out of control and prevent sunlight and air from reaching the water. Pumps designed to aerate ponds help by pulling water up and spraying into the air. The process introduces fresh oxygen, which mixes with deeper water.

Aerating Water Prevents Stratification

Pumps also help to destratify, or remove temperature layers, from ponds. Left alone, pond water will develop several layers, with the top layers being warmer and more oxygenated. Lower layers have little oxygen and are much colder. Stratification can impact a few inches of water or go all the way to the bottom. It becomes a serious problem in cold weather when unmixed water causes an extreme oxygen drop that may kill fish. The aeration provided by a pump continually mixes water and prevents stratification.

Moving Pond Water Simplifies Maintenance

There are usually several steps involved in keeping pond water healthy, and a pump plays a big part in the process. As water is constantly sprayed and returned to the pond, it pushes debris to the edges, where owners can scoop it up. Keeping water oxygenated can minimize sediment and eliminate the need to dredge ponds. A pump makes it easier to de-ice a pond in winter since aerators pull warmer water from the bottom. That can save fish and provide a healthy environment for other wildlife.

Homeowners with ponds on their properties rely on pumps to add oxygen to the water and prevent stratification. Pond aerators also make it easier to remove debris from the water and prevent ponds from icing over in very cold temperatures.