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Godparent Gifts – The Top 5 Tips When Buying Gifts for Your Godchild


As a godparent choosing a gift for your godchild can be a real minefield. Babies are especially difficult as they grow and develop so fast that clothes and toys are often redundant within 6 weeks. The old faithful “he will grow into it” gift choice has served godparents well over the years, if in doubt make sure the gift is advanced and the child will eventually get a lot of enjoyment from it.

In my experience as a father of 2 young boys, the notion of buying gifts for kids that are about 2 years advanced for them is far from ideal. Our oldest boy has 3 godparents (it seemed like a good idea at the time) so he is overrun with toys at Christmas, birthdays etc.

The problem with giving kids toys that are too advanced for them is that by the time they are old enough to properly appreciate them, they have grown bored with, or, in many cases, wrecked the toy and never get the intended use from it. Also, having toys lying around the house that your kids don’t use is a waste of precious space that most homes simply don’t have.

Godparents often feel that their gift should be special and should stand out from the crowd. This can be a double edged sword, if you get it right and everyone loves the gift you can bask in the glory of being the cool godparent who always delivers. Get it wrong and prepare to be the subject of family ridicule at every birthday/Christmas until some other poor fool takes up the mantle!

As an uncle of five, father of two and godparent of one (all under 3), I believe I can call myself experienced in the buying and receiving of gifts for young kids, so here are my top 5 tips for godparents when buying gifts:

1. Big is not necessarily beautiful. Small, high quality toys can be far superior to bulky cheap ones.

2. You can never go wrong with books. There are some fantastic children’s books available these days.

3. Try and be different, its easy to get personalised or unique gifts online.

4. Be gender specific, it’s amazing how quickly boys go tractor and girls go dolly.

5. Do a bit of research (phone the child’s mother!)

As with all gift buying the secret is to give yourself plenty of time to get something decent. Godparents often forget their godchild’s birthday, so set up a simple reminder on your phone or email about a week in advance.

Christening gifts are a once off so it is best to avoid toys as people generally prefer a more commemorative gift that can be kept for years to come.


Why you might be Feeling a bit chilly

One of the key reasons why we have adapted as humans to be able to control the environment around us is in order to be able to improve our quality and longevity of life. In the past not only would people have died from exposure to illness like typhoid and even influenza but also from exposure to extremes of temperature. Houses in the past were not easily heated and indoor heating was reserved only for those who could afford it. Nowadays we are in a position where most people in developed countries have access to heating of some description. If you have issues with your heating system then you could buy a few extra logs to put into your fireplace to act as an extra heat and as a main feature and to keep you warm when your radiators fails you. Also as the temperature gets warmer you might not want the full blast of radiators on. You could look into an Antique Fireplaces Ireland company and check out for your options. The need to keep ourselves warm is not only about comfort but also about regulating our body temperature.

Your internal body temperature fluctuates around 37 degrees Celsius and is the optimum temperature for all of your internal organs to function correctly and to maintain your overall health. Your body temperature is essentially the difference between your core temperature and the temperature of your external skin. There are a few interesting facts about body temperature:
Get your cold feet off me – there are many men around the world who regularly complain that the women in their life regularly place their cold feet on them in the middle of the night, or that they are often asked to turn the heating up because she is still cold. There is a good reason for this and it isn’t that she is trying to recreate the feelings of the Bahamas. Women tend to preserve more of their heat in their core section (understandable as this is where a baby grows and also where all their vital organs are located). When most of your heat is directed in this area it leaves less
for your extremities, hence why women tend to have colder feet and hands than men.

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Your body temperatures changes throughout your life span. The average body temperatures decreases as you age which is why each year there are campaigns asking people to check on their elderly neighbours and family members during the colder weathers.
Getting a good night’s sleep – your body temperature dips by a couple of degrees just before you drift off to sleep and this is one of the reasons why people who have problems sleeping like insomniacs and those suffering from anxiety are often recommended to have a bath before bed. As you body temperature naturally dips after you get out of the warm water your brain detects this and signals your body that it is time for sleep.

Asgardian Thor the Norse God

It’s never a good idea to mess with a God but when one of them is wielding a massive hammer about you really do want to think twice. I’d rather not have him round my house if I was honest. I think he’d start demanding drinks like mead and food like a hog.

The reason he would want roast Hog and Mead is that he spends most of his time in Vahalla hanging out with the special selected warriors that have fought well in battle. The Valkyries pick them put and deliver them. He welcomes them in and they all have a good fight and a good sing along while telling tales of their exploits.They do this every day and every night for all eternity. Luckily for Thor and the lads a pig called Saehrimnir is killed every day and magically provides pork chops, Ham and sausages then comes back to life in the morning so that he can provide it all
again. Thor is only running this place until he can take over the whole show. The whole show is Asgard the kingdom of the Norse Gods, He just needs his Dad Odin to pass on and then he’s the boss.

Thor looks like a proper Viking expect he doesn’t have the horns on the helmet. In fact, no Viking had horns on the Helmets. That was just the Monks at Lindisfarne annoyed with being constantly attacked and robbed they decide that the Vikings must come from the Devil as God can’t have had it in for them that much. Thor has a nice pair of wings instead and lovely long luxurious beard that is sometimes plaited (the big girl, not that I said that!). He has armour because that’s just the way he is and he is always getting into fights with the chosen fallen anyway so he needs a bit of chain mail. When he made his armour he would of needed it to be strong and durable so I should
imagine he got some metal bonding adhesives which can be sourced from to keep it together. He has a lot muscles and is very strong. There is no chance that if Saehrimnir doesn’t fancy providing the Bacon one morning that he is going to get away from this muscle man.

His main concern was the Sky and Thunder, that’s his job and he is going to provide it. He was also the God of Fertility so if you wanted some heirs on your chest you said a quick pray to Thor and prepared to book some time with the wife. The wife would praying that Thor’s wife Sif would come through for her side of it as she was the Goddess of Fertility so with both of them on your side you couldn’t lose. He was a big guy and was considered the strongest of the Gods. Don’t try and have a laugh with him though, he was about as fun as a wet weekend in Swindon.

Quick and Easy Improvements to your Bathroom

Quick and Easy Improvements to your Bathroom
Our bathrooms are functional spaces but that doesn’t mean they can’t be beautiful too. After the kitchen, they are probably the most-visited room of the house especially in the morning when the whole family is trying to get ready. They are one of the rooms that are deciding factors when choosing to move to another property and their construction and systems will be reported in the report produced Homebuyers Report London solicitors If you regularly have guests, you’ll also want your bathroom to make a pleasing statement, looking hygienic and stylish is equal measure. Here are some tips for sprucing up your important bathroom without breaking the bank:

New Mirror
Mirrors are clever at making a room appear more spacious. They increase light levels, especially if you position one opposite a window. A new mirror can make a big difference to a bathroom and modern mirrors come with a whole range of useful technology including demisting pads, LED lighting and even a Bluetooth connection to your smart phone for listening to music while you bathe or shower.
Soft Close Toilet Seat
Such a simple device but can vastly improve comfort. Annoyed by slamming toilet lids? Soft close lids have sprung hinges to slow them down on closing and noiselessly coming to rest. They are available in both plastic and now wood varieties.
Tile Grout
Discoloured grout can really bring down the overall appearance of a bathroom. Found especially around the shower area, a pinky film accumulates and quickly returns after cleaning. You might even have areas of black mould build-up. Re-grouting the tiles is a quick and easy way of brightening up a room with minimal effort. Whether you grind away the old grout or simply go over the area with a grout pen, you’ll be surprised at what a difference it makes.
New Blinds
Liven up your window dressing with purpose-made waterproof bathroom blinds. These are more hygienic, won’t attract mould or mildew and incredibly low maintenance.

Paint Job
Bathrooms are usually quite small spaces, so a quick lick of paint should only take an afternoon. It’s a quick and cheap way to refresh a room and update it at the same time. Light colours are generally the best to choose as they help reflect light around the bathroom.
Add New Accessories
New accessories can be picked up cheaply and are an effective way to change the appearance of a room. Perhaps you might like new, bright towels, a more modern toilet roll holder, new shelves or toothbrush holders. Think about introducing house plants, a new shower curtain or a heated towel rail for example.
Update Flooring
The small area of bathroom flooring makes this an economical choice for refreshing your room. If you still have carpet, consider replacing with more hygienic laminate, vinyl or tile flooring. Vinyl flooring is probably the easiest to install and still feels warm and comfortable underfoot.

I Wanted to Have a Clean Car

If there is one thing that I really like, it is a clean car. I spend a lot of time in my car because I travel a lot for work. I used to clean it myself, even though I really did not like to do that. I know that’s kind of odd, wanting a clean car but not wanting to do the work so it will be. Regardless of what I wanted or did not want, I still made sure to clean my car really good. I only stopped when I found mobile auto detailing in Des Moines.

Finding this company actually made my day because they do everything that I was doing, but they do it better. They also provide a lot more detailing to my car than I even imagined it would need. Continue reading

Current Trends in Wedding Photography


Wedding photography is an evolving field that requires artistic talent, vision, and highly technical expertise.

In the past wedding photography was almost always limited to stiff posses without much regard for the underlying story, emotion, romance, and behind the scene events of the wedding day.

Although there is still a big segment of the wedding industry that practices traditional photography with its preplanned poses, and recreation of the wedding peak events such as the kiss, the ring exchange, etc., the modern wedding couple demands a more contemporary approach to their wedding day.

Wedding photojournalism has been in vogue for the past decade. The central idea behind it has been the capture of the wedding events without any interference or direction from the wedding photographer. The photographer is there to capture the true essence of the wedding day. As a result of this realistic approach the photographs are a true representation of the wedding day. Hard core wedding journalistic will be totally opposed to posing any wedding related event. If it doesn’t not happen during the wedding it won’t be recorded. This includes family group photos.

Several photographers offer a hybrid approach to wedding photography, usually a combination of traditional and journalistic wedding photography. In this approach the photographer focuses on documenting the wedding day but the coverage also includes a session with the couple for formal posed or semi-posed photographs and also family group photos.

The latest trend in wedding photography is toward a more fashionable approach. Inspired on high-end fashion magazines such as Vogue, Elle, InStyle, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, GQ, American Photo, etc., and wedding magazines the photographer seeks to make the couple’s fantasies real.

In the fashion wedding photography approach the goal is to make the wedding couple look their best. Their romantic interplay is glamorized to its maximum expression. The everyday couple becomes like wedding celebrities. Attention to detail is required to achieve the perfect look. This approach requires a great deal of artistic talent behind the camera and also great computer image editing skill to produce a unique photo. Half the photo is made on the camera with the second half achieved though digital image editing and manipulation.

Which style is best, is for you to decide. In our experience a big segment of the wedding couples want to capture the reality, details and romance of the wedding day but at the same time they have fantasies about their wedding and the way they should look.

When making a decision for a wedding photographer look closely to the photographer’s portfolio and see how it agrees with your philosophy on how your wedding day should be photographed. Regardless of your philosophy please make sure that you select a master of the craft, you and the next generation deserve masterpiece memories of your wedding day.


Pros And Cons of Using Microfiber Towels


The invention of microfiber brought a revolution in the market few years back. Microfiber towels were successfully launched for cleaning and dusting. Microfiber towels even proved useful to clean oil stains. Right from its inception, this fiber was considered to be far more superior to other fibers available in the market. Microfiber is not only superior in quality but is also quite affordable so it became extremely popular in the cloth industry.

With an excellent cleaning capabilities these towels also became very popular at home for day to day use. This is why people started using such towels for heavy cleaning.

Prior to the invention of microfiber, people preferred to use cotton towels which had an excellent absorption power. But microfiber towels have very high absorbency as compared to cotton towels. Microfiber was an excellent alternative to the old cotton in various products like in microfiber bath towels, sportswear, dusting towels etc. Since these towels have very high absorbency, they are very often used by sports persons and in the gym since they effectively absorb sweat of the person. The average life of microfiber towel is many times more than other conventional towels.

Microfiber brought real change to our lives as it delivered excellent products which replaced other fibers used so far. It is considered to be the best material to wipe out all stains on furniture. If suppose you have spilled some liquid on table or some sauce in kitchen then a microfiber towel can be used to clean them perfectly without leaving a trace of the incident. This kind of towel is not only known for being the best absorbent and it also dries up quite fast.

Microfiber bath towels are extensively used at swimming pools because of its high absorption quality. When swimmers come out of the pool they wipe out their bodies using these. Also, since they are ready to use in very short interval of time as they dry up very quickly, the swimmer can use it again after the wash.

Microfiber bath towels are generally preferred by people living in colder regions where drying your towel daily after bath is not that easy. Even at room temperatures microfiber bath towels dry up much faster as compared to regular cotton bath towels, hence preventing your towel from acquiring mildew odor which initiates due to dampness.

Microfiber bath towel need special care while washing. An extra effort is required from your end to maintain such towels. You can easily wash cotton bath towels with hot water and soap in your washing machine, but washing these towels is a bit more elaborate. While washing a microfiber bath towel you need to follow the wash instructions given on your towel. By following these simple wash instructions you can enjoy using the microfiber towel for a very long time.


Affiliate Masters Course: A Review


The Affiliate Masters Course is one of the finest online education course if you want to make money by being an affiliate marketer.

It is a course that has excellent info on becoming the best affiliate that you can become and best part is that it is offered absolutely free of charge.

The experts in internet marketing have discovered and disclosed “the perfect affiliate system” With the free 10-day course that is aimed at helping you become a successful affiliate, you are guaranteed to meet success in online business! There’s no need to worry about anything. It is free of charge and totally hassle-free. Plus, you will following a step by step by process that would guide you through it all starting…

The course will teach you how to come up with a   unique  website concept. You will learn to brainstorm hundreds of profitable website niche ideas with keyword-focused content pages that are guaranteed to make you earn money… to attracting targeted, motivated traffic that redirects on your recommendations, and buys from the retailers you represent.

This is without doubt the ULTIMATE affiliate-earning resource for you.

One of the independent authorities, Allan Gardyne has this to say about Affiliates Master Course:

“I don’t there’s any other report out there that is better at explaining to people how they can make the most out of affiliate marketing. What’s better? It’s free of charge!!”

The list of “firsts” developed by Affiliate Masters Course is endless.

In fact, the Affiliate Masters Course has become an Internet favorite. Not only is it updated regularly, it is also known for commencing a lot of “firsts” in the business. It is the one responsible for inventing the idea behind keyword brainstorming, researching keyword supply and demand, niche identification, and the creation of theme-based content sites. It was also the first, anywhere, to push for contextual text-based links.

Although in the past, the ideas that it introduced seemed to be a bit unacceptable, at present, it has become accepted and used by everyone all over the internet, and thus, all over the world. While everyone is still lagging behind the “old-new” ideas, this course was already out there giving away “new-new” ones.

Right now, the Affiliate masters revamped fourth edition is out!

Before staring your e-business, grab a hold of our course first because only then would you be able to start on the right track!


Designer Perfumes That Leave a Sweet Smelling Trail


Lovely is a women’s scent that smells of the fresh flowers and leaves a faint lingering trail from wherever she passes by. Women just can’t do without a fragrance as they all have a burning desire to smell good and look beautiful.

Though there are many different flowers used in making scents and perfumes but nothing can beat the smell of Rose which is the queen of flowers and has always been a favorite fragrance of the female genre in all ages. Nice smelling women’s perfumes help to stimulate the happy hormones that really make you more desirable and appealing. Women buy perfumes not as an accessory but as a part of their overall sense of self appraisal. Sweet scents ends up stimulating the happy hormones that keeps them up and about.

There are many brands of women’s perfume like Hugo, Boss, Calvin Klein and other designer perfumes and you also can’t ignore the sweet scent of the signature perfumes of celebrities that really make you smell classy. With the increase in awareness of the designer perfume brands women are becoming more and more attracted to buying the designer perfume brands that really end up making you the stylish women that you want to be.

Buying gifts for the special women in your life is really a very tough job as men are especially lost when it comes to selecting the best designer perfumes for the love of their life. They try to buy the one that appeals to them and makes their lady love look sexy and sensual. Buying men’s colognes and women fragrances are really great gifts for your family and close friends.

Designer brands have been developed for the fashion conscious women and the best thing is that they are not only available in perfume stores but can also be ordered through the online mode. It sure is the right of all women to look beautiful and smell beautiful too, so buying the perfect discounted fragrance will surely make her look more sensuous and appealing.

Most women are of the opinion that they have to pay a large sum of money for a good brand of fragrance but you can surely avoid this by shopping for discounted perfumes. Plus you also need to be careful as some of the stores that offer discounted perfumes actually offer imitation fragrances of the designer perfume brands so you need to be careful and visit the discounted stores that are reliable enough and sell genuine designer perfumes at discounted rates.

People who do not wish to overspend on designer brand labels can easily buy perfumes through the online medium as there are many cheap perfume stores online that really end up giving you the best affordable fragrances that you can get. You can also compare the price and brand of the perfumes as this is the only way that you can land up with the perfect collection of discount perfumes. Discount perfumes and discount colognes are being sold in the market at affordable prices and this is really done to meet the demands of the customers.


The 8 Basic Punches Of Western Boxing


The sport of western boxing has had a lot of fans since the early days of the late 19th century in America. Even when organized public fighting matches were still considered a crime punishable by time in jail and a fine they drew a horde of spectators. But then again, who doesn’t love a good fight?

Fighting way back then looked a whole lot different than fighting currently does. Over the years more science and research has been done, into human movement and fitness. The upright postures with hands held low that make early boxing easy to identify have been changed over the years.

In the 21st century, fighters appear more fluid, more aggressive, and in a crouched stance. Legs bent, body weight forward on toes. Unlike the fighters of yesteryear, today, a fighter today uses his hands as well as shoulders to obscure and protect that path that leads right to the “kisser”, or “button”.

The fighters main weapons continue to be his hands, while they also use a lot of holding, pushing, and leaning on strategies to wear down their opponent. With those weapons, there is generally an arsenal of 8 specific punches that a good fighter will develop. From these eight punches there is an incredible array of “combinations” that can be thrown as he tries to get past the defenses of the opponent in the opposite corner.

This list is a brief description of those 8 punches of boxing:

  1. “The Jab”. This punch is thrown from the lead hand. It’s quick, sometimes powerful and is used either to “keep your opponent off of you”, or to judge his distance while setting up a power punch.
  2. “The Cross”. This punch is from the rear hand and is a straight power punch. Usually used as a counter when your opponent throws a punch from the opposite side.
  3. “The Hook To The Jaw”. This punch comes from the lead hand from the side while keeping your elbow bent. The object is to come around the defense and connect with the side of the opponents face. The hook carries a lot of knock out power.
  4. “Rear Hand Hook”. Similar to the previous, because this punch comes from the rear, it’s generally used as a counter punch when your opponent has “left himself open”. The target could be the head as well as the body.
  5. “Lead Hook To the Body”. Again, from the lead hand “hooking” into the body. The target is mostly the ribs or kidney. This particular punch is so devastating that it, when landing successfully, has ended many, many fights with opponent still conscious.
  6. “The Overhand Punch”. This punch is a power punch also. It comes from the rear hand. It’s similar to the cross, however, it has a slight arcing motion to it. The purpose of this punch is go over the opponents targeting the face of the opponent. Imagine a baseball pitcher’s form and you’ll have the basic concept.
  7. “Lead Hand Uppercut”. The uppercut is used while the fighters are close. The object of this punch is to go under and behind the defense and land on either the chin or “solar plexus” of the opponent. The first is a knockout punch while the second is a “knock the wind out of you” punch that sets up the knockout punch.
  8. “Rear Hand Uppercut”. Very similar to the previous. Just as effective, but, carries a little less power. This is because the rear leg is not in position to generate as much upward force as the lead leg.

This list of 8 punches are what most boxers use as their arsenal against their opponent. Anyone can use them and they don’t have to be a boxer per se. Consistent practice is an excellent upper body workout that has many advantages. Not the least of which is building muscle while at the same time burning calories.