For anyone looking for a way to make their garden stand out

Lawns, a path, flower beds, a tool shed and perhaps a fruit tree – this is pretty much what
you’d expect to find in the typical garden of any average household. It makes for a practical
and functional space – somewhere to hang the laundry, let the kids blow off steam on a
swing set or trampoline. These are all things that are important, but that doesn’t mean the
garden has to be completely plain.

The best of both worlds
A garden can easily be designed to be practical and pretty, functional and fashionable, and
easy maintenance, yet unique. All you need to do to give your garden a polished look is to
make a feature out of one thing. It doesn’t have to be something large if you are short of
space, and a practical feature item works just as well as something added because it’s nice
to look at.
Practical ideas
Quirky path paving
Either make a path or replace those boring concrete slabs, using mosaic designs or coloured
stones, for example.
A pond
If you can commit to the maintenance, then a water feature is always nice. It’s calming,
relaxing and gives the option of keeping fish too.

Unusual planters
Flowers and plants don’t always need to be planted in the ground. Try painting up an old
fashioned bathtub and filling that with glorious blooms. Other ordinary household items like
old colanders, wellington boots and alarm clocks make great places to display greenery too.
It’s a good alternative to a patio, and it can easily be painted brightly to suit your taste and
Garden art
Sculptures come in all shapes and sizes and make fabulous focal points, whether they take
centre stage or are hidden in quiet spots to delight those who come across them. One of the
most durable and striking is a piece of Bronze Wildlife Sculpture. Wildlife Sculpture from Gill Parker is one of the best producers of the art form.
A summer house
A place to entertain, escape to, or more likely, keep the children amused. These are very
popular now, so prices are reasonable and the choice is amazing.
Perhaps the trick to creating a stunning garden feature is to choose something you love and
are proud of, as making it shine requires effort and commitment.