How to layer menswear

For many of us, clothing is a practical way to keep warm and protect our modesty. Adding
additional layers can help to keep our bodies at the right temperature; what’s more, this is a
great way to add style to an otherwise uninspiring outfit. Done successfully, layering turns
functional into something aesthetically pleasing.

Of course, layering means you can adjust to different temperatures as the day moves on, which
can be particularly useful when the seasons are changing. Think carefully about your base
layers, as they can wick away moisture and sweat to keep you comfortable. Beyond this, careful
layers are stylish. Use various materials and textures, such as a stiff white cotton collar over a
soft wool jumper.
Add a splash of colour, but limit the colours to one or two in addition to neutrals. This could be a
white shirt, navy jumper and coloured chinos, perhaps with another neutral in the form of a scarf
or a denim jacket. A bright red pair of trousers is great and a bright green pullover could also be
good – but not together!

Quality basics are key to getting to any look right; for example, start with mens Farah clothes
from a retailer such as ejmenswear and build from there. Sharp contrast can be good, although
tone on tone can also be very effective.
Bear in mind
There are some things that can help to get the layering look right every time. Firstly, make sure
that everything would work well on its own; for example, don’t use a jumper to cover a shirt you
wouldn’t want to wear on its own. Don’t allow an untucked shirt to drop below the hem of a
jumper, as it just looks untidy. Add another outer layer over the top, such as a sports jacket or
overcoat. The Gentleman’s Gazette has more tips on getting layering right.

Layering will generally start with a base layer, which often isn’t visible. This is the inner layer,
which is next to your skin. A mid-layer could be a jumper or jacket, with an overcoat as a top
Don’t forget that layers do not always have to be one of top of another; for example, a hat could
count and is a great way to pull the whole look together and add interest.